From January 23th to January 30th

1917 2D

Thursday, January 23: 7:20 pm
Friday, January 24: 6:50 pm - 9:05 pm
Saturday, January 25: 2:00 pm - 6:50 pm - 9:05 pm
Sunday, January 26: 2:00 pm - 7:25 pm
Monday, January 27: 7:25 pm
Tuesday, January 28: 7:25 pm
Wednesday, January 29: 7:25 pm
Thursday, January 30: 7:25 pm
1917 2D

Genre: Drama, War
Length: 1H 59M
Release date: December , 1969
Directed by: Sam Mendes
Company: Universal Pictures
Starring: George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman, Mark StrongAndrew ScottRichard Madden, Claire Duburcq, Colin FirthBenedict Cumberbatch

At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers, Lance Corporal Schofield (George MacKay) and Lance Corporal Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman), are stuck with 1,600 other British soldiers in the trenches of the Hindenburg Line on April 6, 1917.

Their superior, General Erinmore (Colin Firth), assigns them a challenging and dangerous task — to personally deliver a letter to Colonel Mackenzie (Benedict Cumberbatch), commander of the 2nd battalion.

In a race against time, they must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that could potentially stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers — one of them being Blake’s own brother.

DoLittle 2D

Thursday, January 23: 7:25 pm
Friday, January 24: 7:00 pm - 9:10 pm
Saturday, January 25: 2:05 pm - 7:00 pm - 9:10 pm
Sunday, January 26: 2:05 pm - 7:30 pm
Monday, January 27: 7:30 pm
Tuesday, January 28: 7:30 pm
Wednesday, January 29: 7:30 pm
Thursday, January 30: 7:30 pm
DoLittle 2D

Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Family
Length: 1H 41M
Release date: December , 1969
Directed by: Stephen Gaghan
Company: Universal Pictures

After losing his wife seven years earlier, eccentric Dr. John Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.), famed doctor and veterinarian of Queen Victoria’s England, hermits himself away behind the high walls of Dolittle Manor with only his menagerie of exotic animals, with whom he converses, for company.

But when the young queen (Jessie Buckley) falls gravely ill, a reluctant Dolittle is forced to set sail on an epic adventure to a mythical island in search of a cure, regaining his wit and courage as he crosses old adversaries and discovers wondrous creatures.

The doctor is joined on his quest by a young, self-appointed apprentice (Harry Collett) and a raucous coterie of animal friends, including an anxious gorilla (Rami Malek), an enthusiastic but bird-brained duck (Octavia Spencer), a bickering duo of a cynical ostrich (Kumail Nanjiani) and an upbeat polar bear (John Cena) and a headstrong parrot (Emma Thompson), who serves as Dolittle’s most trusted advisor and confidante.

Director: Stephen Gaghan

Underwater 2D

Ending January 23

Thursday, January 23: 7:30 pm
Underwater 2D

Genre: Action/Adventure, Horror, Thriller
Length: 1H 35M
Release date: December , 1969
Directed by: William Eubank
Company: 20th Century Fox
Starring: Kristen StewartVincent Cassel, Jessica Henwick, John Gallagher Jr., Mamoudou Athie, T.J. Miller

 group of military researchers (Kristen StewartVincent CasselT.J. MillerJessica HenwickMamoudou Athie) descend to a subterranean laboratory five miles from land and seven miles below the surface of the ocean. They are scheduled to stay there for a month, but when an underwater earthquake shakes their foundation, water begins to pour into their inhabited space.

With the threat of the lab collapsing, the team of researchers must leave the station to travel to safety by walking across the bottom of the ocean. This is when they realize they are not alone: they are being followed and stalked, one-by-one, by a mysterious creature

Just Mercy 2D

Starting January 24

Friday, January 24: 6:45 pm - 9:15 pm
Saturday, January 25: 2:00 pm - 6:45 pm - 9:15 pm
Sunday, January 26: 2:00 pm - 7:20 pm
Monday, January 27: 7:20 pm
Tuesday, January 28: 7:20 pm
Wednesday, January 29: 7:20 pm
Thursday, January 30: 7:20 pm
Just Mercy 2D

Genre: Drama
Length: 2H 16M
Release date: January 10, 2020
Directed by: Destin Daniel Cretton
Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
Starring: Michael B. JordanJamie FoxxBrie Larson, Rob Morgan, Tim Blake Nelson, Rafe Spall, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Karan Kendrick

In the late 1980s, Civil Rights defense attorney Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) takes on the case of Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), who is on death row for killing a young white woman in Monroeville, Alabama.

The evidence pointed to McMillian's innocence, as dozens of eyewitnesses were with him at a church fish fry when the young woman was killed. However, the authorities, eager to find a suspect, decided McMillian was their man and fabricated evidence and testimony against him.

When an almost entirely white jury returned a verdict of guilty, sentencing him to life in prison, the judge overruled the jury's recommendation and imposed the death penalty. That got Bryan Stevenson's attention and after looking into the case, he decides to take it on.